Lectures and Art Talks

Enrique Flores-Galbis believes that art should be accessible to everyone, and enjoyable to all, not just the art-elite. He has gained an extensive body of knowledge through a lifelong passion for the subject. He has been looking, learning, reading and speaking about and practicing art. As a gifted “art-explainer,” he is able to pass on the understanding he has earned with clear and generous explanations that will turn on the lightbulbs and get anyone excited about art.

Examples from his Lecture Series:

Sensualists and Prudes

How does Rubens turn it into Jello and Picasso broken glass? Why does de Kooning swoop like a roller coaster, or Balthus purr like a cat? Is Velazquez too cool for school? And why is Magritte talking to his hat?

A relaxed Friday evening dialogue on visual systems, expectations, and projecting desire — vicarious thrills or chaste intellectualizing?
Thrilling digital projections of the most beautiful paintings; Come speculate in a lounge like atmosphere. Learn for the tickle and joy of it.
Hallelujah it’s Friday!

A Lightning Lounge Lecture

Looking to Learn

Learning to look by creating a painter’s vocabulary: compression-release, rhythm, push-pull, viscosity, slow read. These are just a few of the terms we’ll clarify to animate paintings and then watch them speak. On the last class we visit the Metropolitan Museum, name the moving parts then stand back and listen. Bring your dictionary.

Master teachers shrink mountains into molehills.


Sorolla And The Sea

Velazquez, the Evolution of the Phlegmatic Magician.

Brutes, Beasts and Impressionists

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