A Respected Master Teacher

Mr. Flores-Galbis has taken great care to organize and clarify the knowledge he presents so that his students come away with a deeper understanding of painting and the process of perception. Articulate and insightful critiques go beyond pointing out the obvious (nose is too long) to explaining sometimes extremely simple solutions that yield results immediately.

Enrique takes great pride in the growth of his students who frequently win top honors in national and international juried exhibitions.

His classes and workshops are known for being extremely effective and generally fill to capacity.

Standard Portrait, Figure, And Landscape Workshops Offered.

All workshops begin with a demonstration, usually scheduled for the evening before. Painters receive individual critiques as they work. Spot demonstrations illustrate in depth drawing value and color principles.

Group critiques at the end of the painting day.

Portrait or Landscape Workshops, with Demonstration:

Oil and Pastels, Three to Five Days

Demonstration: Because painters learn best by looking, all workshops begin with a 2-and-a-half hour demonstration, often the night before the workshop begins.

Three distinct stages illustrated:

1. Drawing:
Learning to Triangulate
Proportions, Equal Thirds.
How to Transfer Angles Accurately.
2. Values.
Creating Three Value Envelopes: Dark, Middletone and Light.
Organizing the Palette to Make it Easier.
3. Color
Finding Warm, Cool, and Ochre Color Families.
Creating Color Keys on Canvas.

Often Repeated Phrases:

Color is negotiable but values are not.
Err on the correct side of things.
Compare, correct––re-draw..
Keep your drawing malleable.
Let essence and mystery sneak in when you are not looking.
Transcend the specific.
Are you having fun?

Portrait and Figure and Paint-Along Workshops

Two day intensive

Interactive demonstration

As close to a direct learning-teaching experience as possible. You watch, (brush in hand) how it is done, then immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Drawing, an easy effective method of rendering accurate proportions and angles.

Mixing a Palette together, dark, middle tones and lights, in warm, cool, and ochre colors. Mixing side by side, cross referencing for accuracy.

Paint application:
laying the brush down on it’s side and spreading a thin layer of paint.

Stroke: loading up the brush and then releasing the paint.

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